Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Predicting the predictable

Nostradamus would have an easy life in modern Russia...

According to these reports some Crimeans have proposed changing the name of Simferopol to Putino. I predicted such a move last month. "Putino" also happens to be the Esperanto word for "prostitute". (I saw one tweet saying the name should be "Liliputin").

I'm still mildly disappointed that I only predicted a 96% result in favour of Crimean annexation. If I'd done more research I would have seen Putin had been copying his buddy Assad. The Russian economy must be in such a parlous state it can't even manufacture its own statistics any more.

1 comment:

  1. Not just some Crimeans but residents of Kerch, the easternmost town on the peninsula.

    It must be some kind of linguistic revenge on the provincial capital. "Kerch" is not an pleasant word to the Russian ear but "Simferopol" is agreeably classical and respectable ("city of the common good"). "Putino" sounds like the name of a village or sloboda.