Friday, 7 March 2014

"You may say I'm a dreamer...": the "Imagine" test

Funny, only last night I was thinking there are few more reliable ways of assessing a politician's dubiousness than to ask them their favourite song. If the answer is John Lennon's "Imagine", then you know you're dealing with a 24-carat stinker.*

The example that prompted my musings was the British political "maverick" George Galloway, Respect MP and Russia Today regular.** His autobiography is entitled I'm Not the Only One. Apart from Lennon, Galloway's other heroes include JFK and Fidel Castro. This reveals his profound grasp of history.

It turns out that Viktor Yanukovych was another big "Imagine" fan, so much so that he bought a replica of the piano from the famous video as this Youtube footage demonstrates. He even had "You May Say I'm A Dreamer" inscribed on the lid.

*This only applies to "Imagine", not the rest of Lennon's or the Beatles' back catalogue. A politician  saying they like "Cold Turkey" is fine. Highly unlikely, but fine.
**Needless to say, being an RT regular is an even more reliable indicator than the "Imagine" test.

(Youtube link found via Oleksandr Akymenko on Twitter)

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